African Asanas

Digital Marketing For African Yoga Institutions


Bringing more Yogis to your mats


Putting your studio on the map.


Online Presence

. Social Media Management.

. Social Media Advertising

. Cultivate and optimise your online presence across multiple platforms.

. Have your visuals curated, posted and captioned, for your community to enjoy.

. We’re all yogi’s here; we interact and engage with your audience as well as speak their language!


Content Creation

. Relatable and insightful blog posts for the readers on your website.

. We let your audience know what you’re about with customised and reoccurring blog posts.

. Drive more traffic to your website with SEO from blog posts.

. No website? No problem, we have you covered an in-house Website Designer.

Reputaion Management

. In the 21st century most clients search your name before touching your mats.

. We’re here to make sure that your name is squeaky clean when they search it!

. Your brand image and reputation are always online. We are always online to protect it.


Search Engine Optimisation

. As yogi’s we know the best things in life are usually organic and free; well SEO just happens to be both!

. We work to climb your studio to the top ranks of google search.

. Top ranking search = (Free + Organic)

. Growth does not happen by chance, it happens through strategy and execution

. Let thousands of yogi’s know about the studio they don’t even know they are missing out on!