Our Story.

With the aspiration of bringing the consciousness movement, through conscious movements, on and off the mat.

Altering Africa’s Vibration:

The goal here is to bring Africa to yoga and our brothers and sisters that we share it with to a higher consciousness by reaching this goal.

Anyone that has spent time in a great studio has felt the radical wave of acceptance, the sudden surge of support and positive energy the size of an elephant bumping into everyone on the floor. It is this type of environment that not only pushes us to further explore our practice, but it reminds us that we are not alone and allows us the comforting confidence of community. But why stop here? Why can’t we have this safe space in and out the studio or on and off the screen? This question is often the main driving force that influences our firm’s movements.

Bringing It Home

Through our background in online presence management and community cultivation , we have come to value the priceless ability to fall in love with passionate communities and engaging with inspired individuals. From the tirelessly curated images and accounts, right down to the witty and well thought out out captions, that make us smile. Whether it’s through advertising, content or just letting a member of your community know that you are there and you care, we aim to put studio’s on the map and bring Africa to the mat!