Where It All Began

As a 20 year old Zulu boy growing up in South Africa whose introduction to yoga was through an initial combined 1000 minutes on “ The Daily yoga and Down Dog” apps that I randomly found on the Google Play store, I realised three things. One : I LOVE YOGA! Two : I had always kind of known that I might enjoy the practice, however the stigma around it coupled with the lack of mainstream validation hindered me from fully integrating the practice into my life. Lastly: I realised that combing the power of modern day technology and advertising with most powerful human technology of all time (yoga) allows a bridge between the world of yoga and mainstream culture. A bridge that would allow some kid from a small town situated thousands of Kilometres away from the origin of the practice,to embark on an epic spiritual journey. A journey that will alter Africa’s vibration and change the world as we know it; built upon the desire to inspire yogi’s ( and those yogi’s to be) to make their mark in the universe and digital world,whilst filling countless studio’s along the way! This is an aim I like to call : Creative collaboration at it‘s best measure.

- Salu Mkhize